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What Is A Good Furnace AFUE Rating?

Posted: April 1, 2020

What is a good furnace AFUE rating? central massechusetts

If you’ve shopped for a furnace lately, you’ve probably at least heard the term AFUE. But what does the acronym mean – and more importantly, what does AFUE mean for you?

An AFUE rating represents the amount of fuel that is consumed by your equipment compared to the amount of energy (heat) it produces, expressed as a percentage. For example, in an 80 AFUE furnace unit, 80 percent of the fuel it consumes directly results in heat for your home; the other 20 percent is lost somewhere along the way (usually up your chimney).

One way to consider AFUE is to think of it in terms of money: For every fuel dollar you spend with an 80 AFUE furnace, 80 cents go toward heating your home’s air; In a 95 AFUE furnace, that number jumps up to 95 cents – a big difference on your monthly bills.

AFUE ranges on new and older equipment

The AFUE rating for a furnace can vary considerably, depending on the model and on how old your unit is. Older furnaces were held to lower efficiency standards than they are today, and any furnace will lose efficiency over time – especially if your equipment is not properly maintained by a heating professional.

Here are some efficiency ranges for typical furnaces according to the U.S. Department of Energy:

As of 2015, the minimum standard AFUE for new furnaces Is 80 percent.

Efficiency is about much more than an AFUE rating

Of course, AFUE doesn’t tell the whole heating efficiency story – the airtightness of your home, the condition of your equipment and ducts, and how well your heating equipment was installed all come into play when determining how much heating bang you get for your buck. For these reasons and more, it always pays to hire a professional to install, maintain, and repair your furnace.

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