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Estimating Your Winter Propane Use

Posted: December 2, 2019

propane use massachusettsEstimating how much propane you’re going to need in a given winter isn’t easy – mostly because there are so many variables to the equation: how energy efficient your home is, for example, or the weather, or the condition of your propane heating equipment.

Still, there are some rules of thumb that will help you get “in the ballpark” and not be too surprised by your propane usage during the winter months. Please keep in mind that these are only estimates – any of the factors listed above, plus many others, can affect your actual propane use!

Propane usage rates by common appliances
With propane, you have to take into account not just your furnace or boiler, but also any equipment in your house that uses propane, including the ones listed below.

Here are some average yearly usage rates for common appliances. Keep in mind that energy use for most of these pieces of equipment tends to intensify during the winter months – even your water heater, which works harder to offset the inlet temperature of water coming into your home and to fight off the cold in your basement.

ApplianceAnnual gallons used
Propane furnace1000
Propane water heater250
Propane fireplace200
Propane stove/Range35
Propane stove/Range20

As you can see, the gallons add up pretty quickly – one reason why it’s important to have a reliable propane supplier in the Worcester, MA area to get you through the cold winter months.

If you want a better idea of how much propane your home might use – and how quickly, check out this article from propane101.com– or better yet, just contact us today. Our experts will help you determine whether or not your propane tank is right-sized for your home and usage so you can be sure you’re getting the most value for your money.

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