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Uneven Temperatures in Your Home? You Could Have an Airflow Problem

Posted: January 6, 2020

Ducts airflow

If your home uses a forced-air heating system (a furnace with vents rather than a boiler with radiators or baseboards), you may occasionally experience uneven temperatures in your home – an upstairs that gets too hot, for example.

While there could be several reasons for this, one possible contributor to inconsistent household temperatures is poor airflow.

Proper airflow plays an important and often overlooked part in the performance of your HVAC heating system; without it, you could experience such issues as hot and cold spots, pressure imbalances (drafts, doors slamming by themselves, etc.), and air temperature problems (cool air from your furnace, warm air from your A/C, etc.).

7 Common Airflow Problems

But what causes airflow problems, and how do you fix or prevent them? Here are some common contributors to poor airflow and what to do about them.

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