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What Are the Commercial Uses for Propane?

Posted: December 19, 2022

Pioneer Oil and Propane can help your business prosper!

propane for business massachusetts Given propane’s many advantages, including its versatility and efficiency, it is clear why this fuel source is ideal for numerous businesses located in Central Massachusetts. Therefore, it makes sense that these companies prioritize finding a commercial propane services provider they can rely on.

Pioneer Oil and Propane has many years of experience in providing comprehensive commercial propane services to businesses from Worcester to Athol to Fitchburg.

With our large and reliable propane supply, ample storage room, and a well-maintained fleet of delivery trucks, you can always count on us to deliver the bulk propane your business needs. Our deliveries are always made by our team of qualified and experienced drivers to ensure safety standards are met. In addition, we offer commercial propane tank installation services.

With our extensive experience in commercial propane services, we utilize the latest in technology and communications to manage our responsibilities and provide prompt responses to customer inquiries. Additionally, our team has the expertise necessary to tailor services specifically for your business.


Propane is a workhorse on construction sites!

Propane forklifts have many advantages over electric and gasoline forklifts. Refueling is fast and easy, just swap out the empty cylinder for a full one. Electric forklifts can take eight hours to recharge. They have more power than electric forklifts, and, unlike electric forklifts, can operate in wet conditions. You can also use propane forklifts indoors, something you cannot do with gasoline forklifts.

Winters here in Central Massachusetts can get rough. Propane-powered temporary heating and ground-thawing equipment keep construction projects moving forward while keeping workers safely warm and protecting materials such as paint or stucco from damage.

Propane generators provide on-site charging for equipment.

Hospitality and tourism

Hospitality and tourism play a vital part in our area’s economy. It brings in more than $500 million each year and more than $10 million in tax revenue and supports more than 3,200 local jobs.

Propane is the perfect gas for cooking in commercial kitchens because it provides power to appliances such as ovens, cooktops, griddles, pizza ovens and more. This will help your chefs turn out large quantities of food while maintaining top quality.

Outdoors, propane can be used to create comfortable spaces for dining and entertaining with outdoor heating, grills, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and insect traps.

Propane commercial dryers not only improve the efficiency of the housekeeping staff at your hotel, resort, or inn but can also save you money. Propane models dry linens 25% faster than electric dryers and create fewer wrinkles.


Here in New England, summer thunderstorms and hurricanes, and winter nor’easters can cause power outages that can last for days if not weeks.

Those power outages can be devastating for a wide range of businesses and institutions.
Propane standby generators are vital for many businesses, including retail and grocery stores, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and other enterprises. Not only do they protect people and property during power outages, but they also keep HVAC systems running to protect essential business technology like servers and computers.

Propane is a more dependable energy source for generators than gasoline because propane doesn’t degrade and lose quality over time as gasoline does. Furthermore, those who use propane generators don’t have to depend on a natural gas utility or its questionable infrastructure.

Are you ready to put Pioneer Oil and Propane’s commercial propane services to work for your business? Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation!