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Choosing A Propane Pool Heater

Posted: May 9, 2017

propane heaterIn our last blog, we talked about some of the great the advantages of owning a propane pool heater. In this post we’ll talk about three things you’ll have to think about when it comes time to choose a model for your pool.

1. SizePropane pool heaters are rated by their output, with sizes ranging from 75,000-450,000 Btu/hour. In general, larger pools need larger heaters, but other factors also come into play (how much exposure to sun or shade your pool gets, how windy your hard is, and so on). You can get a rough idea of the size of heater you’ll need by following these instructions (we can help you make a more precise calculation when you contact us for a FREE estimate)

  1. Choose a target temperature for your pool.
  2. Find the average temperature for the area where you live during the coldest month you intend to use your pool.
  3. Subtract the average temperature from Step 2 from your target temperature in Step 1 to determine your desired temperature rise.
  4. Calculate the surface area of your pool in square feet.
  5. Use this following formula to determine the Btu per hour output requirement of the heater*:

Pool Area x Temperature Rise x 12

2. Efficiency – Today’s propane pool heaters can have efficiencie well into the 90s (meaning that more than 90 percent of the energy your pool heater consumes is used to warm your pool water). The cost of your propane pool heater will rise as efficiency improves, all other things being equal. Typically, we recommend that you go for the highest efficiency model that you can afford.

3. Installation and maintenance costs – As with any home comfort service, you get what you pay for when installing a pool heater – so be sure to choose a reputable contractor with expert technicians if you want to get the most from your pool heating investment. With proper care your propane pool heater will last at least five years.

Why put off your dream pool or spa? Take the plunge with a propane pool heater! Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

*Based on 1-1.25 degree temperature rise per hour and a 3.5 mph average wind at the surface of the pool.