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Getting The Right Heating Oil Tank for Your Home or Business

Trust Pioneer Oil and Propane to make sure your oil tank meets your needs!

heating oil tank webster, ma If you are one of the many people in Central Massachusetts who use oil heat for their home or business, you know that a safe heating oil tank is essential.

The professionals at Pioneer Oil and Propane are here to help! We offer expert heating oil tank installation and service, and our Tank Secure Protection helps shield you from large tank failure costs with its warranty.

We also help you determine the right size tank that meets your needs.

What impacts heating oil tank size requirements?

There are many factors that go into determining what size heating oil tank you’ll need. Let’s start with residential issues.

The size of your home: For a two-bedroom home, a 275-gallon oil tank is typically sufficient. However, if you have a three to four-bedroom home, a tank with a capacity of 300 to 500 gallons is generally required. If you own a larger home, you can calculate the appropriate tank size by multiplying these estimates by the number of rooms.

Your lifestyle: Your family’s circumstances also impact what size heating oil tank you’ll need. If you are planning to have children, you may need a larger oil tank. This is also true if you are older and planning to retire, as you will be home more and older people tend to prefer a warmer home, thus you’ll be using more heating oil.

Where your heating oil tank will be placed: If you are installing your heating oil tank in your basement, that may affect what size tank you can install as you may not have room for a larger tank.

Businesses also have concerns when it comes to heating oil tank size. The largest concern is the size of the space you need heated. Large, open spaces with very high ceilings, like an industrial space, will need a larger tank. Most commercial buildings would use a 1,000-gallon tank.

Can I install a heating oil tank myself?

The answer to this question is an emphatic no.

Heating oil tank installation is a job that must be done by a professional to ensure that the job is done safely and correctly.

For starters, the old heating oil tank must be removed. Any remaining heating oil in the tank must be removed before the tank is disassembled and taken either out of your basement or yard. If you try to do it yourself, any spilled oil will need to be remediated and that can become very expensive, much more than the cost of professional heating oil tank removal and installation.

Experienced heating oil tank installers like those at Pioneer Oil and Propane also ensure optimal placement of the tank within your home. This involves ensuring easy accessibility and secure attachment to a solid foundation, crucial for preventing hazardous oil leaks. Additionally, these professionals take into account the risk of exposing the tank to temperature drops that could result in a frozen heating oil system. The oil tank installation company carefully evaluates all of these potential risks in accordance with industry-standard protocols.

When you need a new heating oil tank, you can trust the experts at Pioneer Oil and Propane! Contact us today to get started.