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Can propane gas freeze in an outdoor tank?

Posted: December 11, 2018

does propane freezeOne of the greatest things about propane is that it keeps your family warm during the most bitter Massachusetts winters. But can temperatures dip to the point where the propane in your tank starts to seek its own shelter from the storm?

The answer is yes, in theory – but not likely in practice (at least here). As it turns out, propane turns to a liquid at -44 degrees F: f it gets that cold or colder, pressure inside the tank will drop to the point where it is too low to effectively power your propane heating equipment.

The good news It more than likely won’t get that cold here in the Bay State (for you trivia buffs, Massachusetts reached an all-time low temp of -35 on January 12, 1981, according to the National Weather Service).

Still, it pays to take some precautions if you own a propane-powered home in MA.

To avoid pressure problems during cold weather extremes:

Other extreme weather propane tips:

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