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Can I Convert My Gas Appliances to Use a Different Fuel?

Posted: April 23, 2019

Stove flame

“Can I convert my natural equipment to propane (or vice versa)?”

It’s a question we get asked quite often from our Massachusetts customers, and the short answer is “maybe” – as long as the work is done by a professional, licensed technician.

Converting an appliance from one fuel to another is not as simple as it used to be – in fact, it’s not always possible. That’s because modern home comfort equipment is engineered to work specifically with one type of fuel; as a result, a conversion involves multiple components of the appliance, including:

The bottom line: it is often cheaper (not to mention safer) to buy new equipment than it is to properly convert one that is designed for use with another fuel. If a conversion kit is available for a specific type of equipment that you’re interested in, make sure the conversion work is done by licensed technicians so that all needed adjustments can be made prior to connecting and using your appliance.

Thinking about converting a natural gas appliance to propane? We can help you sort out the details. Contact the pros at Pioneer Oil and Propane today to discuss propane conversions and replacement equipment options for your Massachusetts home.