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Use Propane For Your Gas Log Sets

Posted: November 18, 2019

propane gas fireplaces massachusetts

Nothing beats a fire on a cold New England night – but sometimes the effort to get it going (and keep it roaring) just doesn’t seem worth it, especially when you have to think about clean up afterward.

If that describes the experience with your fireplace, then a set of gas logs could be just what the doctor ordered. The question is, can you power these gas log sets with propane?

The answer is YES!

Propane gas log sets are like mini space heaters powered directly from your primary propane tank and vented through your chimney. Getting them set up usually takes a day – after that, you’re ready for a cozy fire in seconds.

Why replace wood logs with gas logs?

Need more convincing about the benefit of propane gas logs? Here are some compelling reasons to make the switch:

Spend less time preparing your fire and more time enjoying it in your Central Massachusetts home. Contact Pioneer Oil and Propane today for a FREE estimate on a propane gas log set from leading brands like Rinnai and Empire. We’ll help you find a model that works for your space, aesthetic, and lifestyle – and, of course, if you need reliable propane deliveries in MA to keep the fire going, we can help you there, too.