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Busted! Propane Myths and Truths

Posted: October 10, 2018

Myths and facts

Propane is one of the greenest, most efficient ways to power your Massachusetts home – yet some people still think of it simply as barbecue fuel. Here are some common myths about propane – and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Propane is just for grills and camp stoves
Fact: Propane is one of the most versatile fuels around! You can use it to power just about any type of equipment, including your:

Not only will propane do the job of running your appliances, it will often do it better than other energy sources – especially electricity. And remember, no matter how many appliances you have, they can be supplied with gas from a single, refillable tank. Imagine never having to run to your local hardware store for a tank exchange again!

Myth #2: Propane is not safe
Fact: Propane is as safe to use as any other home energy source – in fact, because federal, state, and local propane laws and codes are so strict, it may be safer for home use than other forms of energy.

Consider these propane safety facts:

Myth #3: Propane is expensive
Fact: When you consider total cost of ownership of propane equipment, propane is one of the most cost effective energy choices around. Propane heats fast and effectively, with many propane appliances reaching efficiencies of 98 percent. And because propane is clean burning, investing in propane equipment saves you money: your equipment will need less maintenance and last longer.

Myth #4: Propane harms the environment
Fact: Burning propane produces less than half the carbon emitted by heating oil combustion, and less than electricity when it is produced by coal-fired generation plants. And because it is not toxic and doesn’t pool, propane cannot contaminate water or soil in the event of a leak.

Myth #5: Propane is in short supply
Fact: Propane is available in abundance in the U.S., and most of it is produced right here at home. Because it is a byproduct of the petroleum refinement process, the means to produce and distribute propane are already available without the need for additional investments of time and money.

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