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After the Breakdown: Should I Repair or Replace My Heating System?

Posted: February 27, 2018

Heating system

Your heating system breaks down, and you’re left with one of those dilemmas that you dread as a homeowner: should I repair or replace my furnace or boiler?

Your initial reaction will probably be to go the route of a quick fix heating system repair – often because it’s the easiest way to get your life back to normal. On the surface, it’s also the cheapest solution.

But pouring your money into a repair isn’t always the smart move: for one thing, a first-time breakdown on an older system is often a warning sign of more frequent problems to come. For another, your older equipment will more than likely have lost a step or two over the years: most heating systems lose about five percent efficiency a year, especially if you skip your annual heating maintenance. That means that even after you’ve paid off your repairs, you’ll still be running a heating system that operates far less efficiently than a new, high-efficiency replacement.

If you’re on the fence about repairing or replacing your home heating system, here are a few rules of thumb to help you make a decision.

Replace your system if:

Repair your system if:

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