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Bomb Cyclones and More – Welcome to the Weather Craziness of 2018

Posted: January 9, 2018

Freezing man

Well, winter finally hit Massachusetts these last few weeks – and it hit with a vengeance, setting record cold temperatures throughout the state. Our crews have been working around the clock to keep our customers safe and warm under incredibly challenging conditions.

The good news is it appears as though the worst of the most frigid weather is behind us – at least for now. The bad news is that we still have two plus months of MA winter ahead of us.

But the most important takeaway from early 2018 could be that it reminds us how unpredictable weather can be these days: temperatures dropped 40 degrees between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day – and they’re predicted to reach 50 degrees by the end of this week!

When conditions change that much that quickly, it’s more important than ever to be ready for anything.

It’s in that spirit that we put together these questions and answers for cold weather emergencies, which summarizes some of the most important information you’ll need during dangerous winter weather. It’s also why we talk so much about the importance of routine maintenance for your heating system to keep your equipment running reliably.

The bottom line: with weather as unpredictable as it is these days, expect the unexpected and be ready for anything. Let us know how we can help you do that in the months ahead.

Stay a step ahead of extreme weather this winter – contact us to learn more ways prepare!