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Why do water heaters fail?

On average, a modern storage-type water heater will last about 8 to 12 years, according to Inspectapedia.com (and others). Of course, those averages don’t take into account the kind of water quality problems that we have here in Central Massachusetts, which can shorten water heater life substantially. But why does a water heater fail in […]


Winter Checklist for Your Oil-Fired Boiler

The coldest weeks of the year are on their way to Central Massachusetts, which means your boiler and radiators or baseboards are about to be pushed to their limits to stave off another New England winter.

Estimating winter propane use

Estimating how much propane you’re going to need in a given winter isn’t easy – mostly because there are so many variables to the equation: how energy efficient your home is, for example, or the weather, or the condition of your propane heating equipment. Still, there are some rules of thumb that will help you get […]

Don't DIY

Propane Appliance Repairs: DON’T Do It Yourself

If you’re a weekend handyman or DIY-er, you may be just itching to get under the hood of your propane furnace or boiler to make that “simple” repair or adjustment.

Gas fireplace

Can Gas Log Sets Use Propane Rather Than Natural Gas?

Nothing beats a fire on a cold New England night – but sometimes the effort to get it going (and keep it roaring) just doesn’t seem worth it, especially when you have to think about clean up afterward.

Automatic delivery

The Answer to an Empty Fuel Tank? Automatic Delivery from Pioneer

Of the 1,001 things on your mind any given day, we’re guessing that checking the gauge on your heating oil tank doesn’t crack the top 100 (don’t worry, we don’t take that personally).


Not All Bioheat® Is Created Equal…

Massachusetts is national leader in the quest to use more climate-friendly home fuels, including biodiesel-blended Bioheat® – a heating fuel made from a combination of ULSHO and a biodegradable organic material that is now required for all heating oil deliveries in The Bay State.

Is your office heating system ready for winter?

A no-heat emergency at home can be a real problem here in Massachusetts in the dead of winter, but you can usually find someplace safe to stay while you get your residential heating equipment repaired. But what happens when your office loses heat? Having no heat can spell disaster for a business: not only will […]

Should I switch from electric to propane appliances?

We see it all the time in homes we visit for service calls: customers that have propane furnaces but electric heaters, stoves, and clothes dryers. If you’re using electric-powered appliances in your home, you’re missing out on the many benefits that clean, green propane powered home comfort equipment can give you. Compare propane to electricity […]

Heating tune-up

Do I Need a Heating System Tune-Up Every Year?

Now that fall is here, it’s time to ask that annual burning question (see what we did there? Heating humor!): will my furnace or boiler be up to the challenge of another Massachusetts winter?