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What Is Propane Tank Monitoring?

Pioneer Oil and Propane give you the ultimate peace of mind about your propane supply! Think about all the ways technology has changed our everyday lives over the last couple of decades. We can now keep in touch with our loved ones near and far through texting, video calls, social media platforms, and email. Managing […]

Winter Fuel Delivery Checklist

Make sure you can get your propane and heating oil delivered! Between nor’easters, Alberta clippers, and run-of-the-mill snowfalls, winter weather can get challenging here in New England. That weather also poses challenges when it comes to your heating oil delivery and propane delivery. We’ve put together some tips to help you make sure that your […]

What Are the Commercial Uses for Propane?

Pioneer Oil and Propane can help your business prosper! Given propane’s many advantages, including its versatility and efficiency, it is clear why this fuel source is ideal for numerous businesses located in Central Massachusetts. Therefore, it makes sense that these companies prioritize finding a commercial propane services provider they can rely on. Pioneer Oil and […]

What’s the Average Cost of a Heating System?

Pioneer Oil and Propane helps you get the right one for your home! With fall weather firmly entrenched here in Central Massachusetts, you’re using your home’s heating system regularly again. You may also be noticing that your boiler or furnace has gotten up in years and is not performing as well or as efficiently as […]

What Is Commercial Heating Oil?

Trust Pioneer Oil and Propane with your business’s heating oil service needs! There are many reasons businesses choose to use heating oil, but one of the biggest is its impact on the bottom line. Oil heating systems can cost up to 25% less to purchase and install than gas-fired furnaces or boilers, making them a […]

What Size Heating Oil Tank Do I Need?

Count on Pioneer Oil & Propane for your heating oil needs! Although heating oil tanks are designed to be durable, they will eventually need replacing. If your heating oil tank is more than 20 years old, you should begin planning its replacement. Tank failure can be a huge inconvenience not to mention the expense that […]

Bioheat: A Home Heating Smart Choice

Learn more about this revolution in home heating oil! For many years, heating oil had a negative stigma of being “dirty.” Not any longer, thanks to the emergence of Bioheat® fuel! Pioneer Oil and Propane, which specializes in providing only Bioheat fuel, can supply heating oil delivery of Bioheat fuel to your home or business […]

Latest update about energy prices

Dear customers, On October 5, OPEC announced it was slashing production by two million barrels a day. Within just three days, our suppliers had increased the cost of heating oil by 70 cents per gallon. That’s right, 70 cents per gallon. Ridiculous!! This is not just impacting heating oil. Expect natural gas, electricity, and gasoline […]

What Is Propane Made Of?

Reliable propane delivery from Pioneer Oil and Propane lets you enjoy all propane has to offer! If you have propane in your home, you’re likely aware of its versatility and energy efficiency, and other benefits it offers for your Central Massachusetts home. Beyond that, however, you may not know much about propane. However, we have […]

How To Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Expert maintenance from Pioneer Oil and Propane helps keep your furnace going strong! As fall progresses, our service department gets busier. That’s why Pioneer Oil and Propane urges customers to contact us now to schedule an annual maintenance tune-up for your home’s furnace before chilly weather sets in. The sooner you make an appointment for […]