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Summertime Grill Maintenance and Care

As we approach the halfway mark for summer in Massachusetts, it’s probably safe to say that your grill has been working hard all season. In order to keep it working safely and properly, we recommend that you give it a good cleaning and periodically check for gas leaks. Clean Your Grill Following These Nine Steps. […]

Give Your Heating System the Summertime Attention It Deserves

Over the summer, many people ignore their heating systems, but the reality is that now is a great time to pay attention to your furnace or boiler. This way, when the weather gets cold, your system will be in tip-top shape and able to handle the elements—and keep you comfortable—smoothly and efficiently. Follow these suggestions […]

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homes With Pets

In addition to the regular care and maintenance you need to give to your HVAC system, if your family has furry pets, you also need to consider a few additional factors in order to keep your heating and cooling equipment running efficiently—and to keep your Massachusetts home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) where it should be. […]

Take Advantage of Pioneer’s Pricing and Payment Plans

The right combination of pricing and payment plans can make such a difference in your home comfort experience. That’s why we make sure to give you a range of options that offer the flexibility you deserve. We want to make your experience with Pioneer smooth and easy. When it comes to payments and pricing, your […]

Keep a Full Propane Supply This Summer

The start of summer is a time for seeing friends and family, taking day trips—or vacations!—and…stocking up on propane. That last one often surprises people, but ensuring you have a full stock of this cost- and energy-efficient fuel in the summer can make a big difference when fall comes around. Here are four reasons why […]

Summer Storm Tips For Propane Safety

Along with the noise and news coverage of a summer thunderstorm, there’s also actual danger. With that in mind, it’s important to the team at Pioneer Oil and Propane that you have the proper propane equipment and that you’re prepared to take the right steps to keep your Central Massachusetts home and family safe. Pre-Storm […]

5 Reasons To Grill With Propane

May is National Barbecue Month! How are you planning on grilling in your Massachusetts backyard? If you’ve been using briquettes—or anything besides propane—take a look at these five reasons to rethink your approach to grilling. Propane offers the following benefits—and more! It creates a reduced carbon footprint. Propane burns more cleanly than charcoal. In fact […]

Beware The Rush To Electrification

Back in February, people across the United States looked on as a deep freeze in Texas led to unexpected and devastating power outages. It was hard to watch and, we know, much harder to experience. We’re seeing that a few times a year, our power is knocked out by a storm and huge numbers of […]

Practicing Water Heater Safety In Your Home

About one out of every 10 fires started by home heating systems are related to the home’s water heater, according to a home heating study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association. Using the water heater in your Massachusetts home is not something to shy away from, but it’s important to be familiar with the […]

Moving In The Right Direction With Home Fuel

Earth Day 2021 Earth Day is this week, but the ideas behind Earth Day should be on our minds 365 days a year. When you think about Earth Day as it relates to your Massachusetts home, what comes to mind? Recycling, using less energy, running appliances more efficiently, saving water—there are endless possibilities. One primary […]