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I’ve Got a Guy…

How do you pick a Massachusetts HVAC contractor or fuel service provider when there are so many local businesses to choose from?

Upgrade Your Summer With Clean, Green Propane

Summer’s here – and that means it’s time to take advantage of some of the best ways to use propanein and around your Massachusetts home.

Payment plan

Plan Ahead and Get More Predictable Bills with Pioneer’s Monthly Budget and Pricing Plans

In today’s uncertain world, we’re guessing anything that brings some predictability into your day-to-day routine will be welcomed with open arms.

Fight Global Warming – Switch From Electric Heat To Propane

Did you know that replacing electric appliances with their propane equivalents could reduce greenhouse gas emissions on those appliances by 60 percent?

Best of Worcester 2017

Best of Worcester 2017 – Thanks to You!

In the heating and home comfort business, hard work pays off – but only if you have loyal customers. That’s why we take any recognition we receive with pride, but also with gratitude and humility.

The Pioneer Difference

You might be tempted to buy your heating oil or propane based solely on price – and we’ll say right up front that you can probably find a Massachusetts heating oil or propane provider with lower prices than Pioneer.

Ductless A/C system

No Ductwork? No Problem: Upgrade Your Window A/Cs with a Ductless System

If your home lacks a duct system (if you have baseboard heating, it more than likely does), you probably opt for window air conditioners to cool it off in the summer.

propane heater

Choosing A Propane Pool Heater

In our last blog, we talked about some of the great the advantages of owning a propane pool heater. In this post we’ll talk three things you’ll have to think about when it comes time to choose a model for your pool.

Swimming pool

Swim Now and into the Fall with a Propane Pool Heater

Have you ever really felt like enjoying your pool on a cool, cloudy morning only to find that the water was just too cold to take a dip?

Reduce your A/C energy bills

Reduce Your A/C Energy Bills This Summer with These Seven Tips

Cooling your home could account for 20 percent or more of your annual energy bill – but you can cut those costs significantly if you follow these seven tips: