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Ask the Expert

Joe Germain

Q: Can you help me convert from oil heat to propane heat?

A: Certainly. Because we specialize in both types of fuel, we’re in a unique position to give you objective advice about what fuel makes sense for you and your home.

Propane is clean, efficient and versatile: You can use it to heat your home as well as for cooking, heating water, drying clothes and powering a generator. The more propane you use, the better the pricing.

If your current oil tank and heating system are due to be replaced, this is a perfect time for you to make the change. And if your system is not too old, we may be able to remove your oil burner and put in a gas burner without taking out your existing boiler or furnace.

Joe Germain
Energy Advisor

Making the switch is actually easy and painless. Call us today to get started.

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